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Bowing Foundation Do you have a bowing foundation? It is important to determine whether you’re dealing with a bulged or leaning wall. Making the distinction will help in determining the exact location of damage and the underlying cause. This information will go a long way in deciding the best course of action to take in… Read more »

StablWall vs Steel Beams

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StablWall vs Steel Beams When you are building a new house, it’s important to know the benefits of StablWall vs steel beams. The problem with steel beams is that they need to be installed by experts. If the installation process goes wrong, your entire project can be at risk. The role of steel beams is… Read more »

carbon fiber foundation repair

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Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair One of the scariest situations any homeowner can face is discovering their beautiful home has some form of foundation damage. Some of most common foundation issues include bowing and bulging, which cause foundation cracks. For most homeowners, such damage is discovered too late in the day when the situation has exacerbated…. Read more »

step cracks

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Foundation Step Cracks Cracks are something that no homeowner ever wants to see in their walls. They especially never want to see them in their foundation walls. However, cracks do occur every once in a while. While some cracks are superficial resulting from the natural drying process, other cracks run deeper and are often a… Read more »

cracked basement walls

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Cracked Basement Walls When you’re faced with cracked basement walls, you will have various options for the repair of the walls. Not all foundation cracks leak. Some can remain dry for many years. However, even these dry foundation cracks have the potential of leaking in the future. It is therefore important to deal with them… Read more »

foundation wall repair

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Foundation Wall Repair If you’re considering systems for foundation wall repair, you’ve probably come across carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a lightweight manmade material that has proven to be stronger than steel. It has found applications in various industries over the years. It is now gaining increasing popularity in the construction industry. If your wall… Read more »

stablwall vs. wall anchors

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StablWall vs. Wall Anchors Do you have a bowed foundation wall? You may be trying to decide what method of foundation repair to apply to it. You may be wondering which is better: StablWall vs Wall Anchors. If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that the bowing of the foundation wall is caused by strong… Read more »