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StablWall™— Contractor Smart and Homeowner Friendly.

Homeowners want choices when they have repair cracks or bows in their basement walls. In the past the solution was to install bulky steel beams, or unsightly steel plates with bolts that required periodic tightening. StablWall carbon fiber technology changes everything.

Up to 6-12 inches of lost space using steel beams to repair your foundation walls

Carbon fiber mesh technology appears in many applications where high strength and lightweight was necessary. It's used for building support, bridge support; anywhere that unobtrusive, effective concrete strengthening is needed.

Because of the increase in demand; StablWall is now available for residential applications. It’s more cost effective than wall anchors or beams, requires absolutely no maintenance whatsoever, and is almost invisible once painted over.

StablWall's strength is well documented and supported by stringent engineering data. In addition to providing outstanding product support, we offer specific engineering support for larger commercial projects, to ensure its complete effectiveness.

StablWall Reinforcing Fiber

Parameter Minimum Value Governing Test Method
Tensile Strength 500,000 psi ASTM D3039
Tensile Strain 1.5% ASTMD3039
Tensile Modulus 30,000,000 psi ASTM 3039
Color Black None
Roll Width 24" None
Roll Length 5 feet None

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