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DIY Foundation Repair

For the past forty years or so severally bowing walls, from water damage, were stabilized by one of two methods. They were either dig out on the outside where the soil is, which was putting the pressure against the wall, was replaced with crushed stone (which can absorb the expansion of the adjacent soil by movement of the spaces between the stones), or by steel braces which were used inside the basement to reinforce the wall.

Since the advent of carbon fiber reinforced mesh, which have extremely high tensile strengths, new materials have become available to waterproofers which can be used along with traditional steel braces or in place of them to reinforce bowing walls.

This carbon fiber reinforced fabric is epoxied to the wall. They can be installed by a waterproofer, or the homeowner – in a kit form. This solution is less costly than traditional solutions. One of the advantages of such a system is that it is flush to the wall and can be painted over, thus is much less obtrusive in the room than steel beams.

With the StablWall Carbon Fiber foundation repair kit, you can have the carbon fiber sheets installed in less than a day in an easy seven step process.