What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is just that – it is a fiber made up of carbon. Carbon fibers have been found to be exceptionally strong, so that when the strands are woven, or run parallel with each other, they are significantly stronger than many other materials – like steel, for example.

StablWall is made up of thousands of strands of those carbon fibers, all running in the same direction. Since the strands are very strong and will not stretch, when it is bonded to a wall, the wall cannot stretch or move. Since the carbon fiber is bonded to the wall, it actually adds strength to the wall itself, making the wall stronger than it was before.

Carbon fiber is made through a complex process involving high heat that rearranges molecules (see www.carbon-fiber.com if you want to get technical). It also requires sophisticated equipment. For years, carbon fiber was just too expensive to produce to be viable for anything but the most critical applications, like space shuttles, airplane wings, and repairs of bridges and commercial concrete structures. But more recently, more reasonable production costs and its incredible strength have opened the door to a host of new applications – and we’re seeing more and more carbon fiber based products in hundreds of everyday uses.

For homeowners and contractors, it’s a breath of fresh air. It is being used prior to basement remodeling projects so that homeowners can remodel with the assurance that their walls are solid. It is being used for all types of home foundation repairs, crawl space repairs, and foundation cracks that previously couldn’t be repaired inexpensively, easily, or effectively.


“It works. Better than steel bracing systems, and more cost-effective.”
—Dean Frockier, PermaDry

“I would rate ease of installation a 5, as well as customer service, shipping, and delivery.”
—Jim Krueger, Krueger Construction

“I recommend StablWall over other products because it does what they say it does.”
—Dan Blair, Earth Safe Environmental LLC

“So far, I have been very pleased with the results of the Stablwall product.”
—Richard Clark, Retired Structural Engineer

“ The entire job completed under-budget and, with StablWall's guidance, was extremely easy to install.”
—Michael M. Cohen, Rychik Design & Construction