What Is StablWall?

StablWall uses carbon fiber technology to strengthen basement walls and concrete structures. For the first time, homeowners and residential contractors can benefit from carbon fiber’s strength – until recently, carbon fiber was only available to commercial or government contractors.

StablWall consists of carbon fiber sheets. Those sheets consist of thousands of strands linked together and running in the same direction. When those sheets are bonded to a concrete structure, they add tremendous strength to that structure.

Carbon Fiber Sheet for foundation wall repair
Picture of a StablWall Sheet

The StablWall System also consists of specially engineered epoxies that bond the carbon fibers to a concrete wall or structure. Once bonded, the wall becomes significantly stronger than it was before – thereby eliminating the worry of additional cracking or bowing. Better yet, the StablWall system does not detract from the look or amount of space you have to work with.

Foundation Wall with Stabl Wall applied results in no lost space in the basement
A painted over StablWall Sheet on a basement wall

StablWall is designed around the same concepts used in heavy industrial settings – the sheets are wider, and cover more area than other carbon fiber products on the market today – the benefit to you is more coverage and better strength!

StablWall uses technology to help you feel confident about the strength of your foundation, whether it’s a basement or crawl space, so that you can go ahead and finish that space to be more useable, without worrying about the health of the foundation.